Headline – AXE

Headline: Love is a matter of chemistry.

This is an ad of spray for man only.

A. very good. inspiring state.
B. That’s double meaning in headline.
C. Indirect Headline
D. Headline twist, word puns vs visual puns
E. Using a periodic table of elements full in one man and all women to explain their product chemical can capture varied women.

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Headline – scholl

Headline: Foot odour?

A. Good. short. clear.
B. Directly describe what the products focus on.
C. Question headline
D. Rhetorical question
E. through the headline, readers easily know the old shoes with odour how to decay the life. So use their products.

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Headline – ThaiHealth


A. This headline is good, message is powerful

B. All capital letters in headline will not be easy to read, but that shows the stronger tone to remind the drivers.

C. direct headline

D. word puns vs visual puns

E. The visual is combined the tired eye and the car with crashing people. Shows the sleepiness will influence your driving easily. Quite simple!

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Hot can – Fanta

經典芬達廣告, “一啪即爆"


配合"Fun Time"的headline

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Hot Can – Dentyne frost bites

Hot Can的相反



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Hot Can – GATSBY 2009 CM

木村拓哉+經典配樂 GATSBY CM

一洗即變 > 一啪即熱

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copywriting – durex

" November, 14th"

" Have no surprises for children’s day"

That’s a ad of condom brand on Valentine’s Day.

It reminds the lovers to use their products if they would not prepare to have a bady after 9 months.

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